Corporate Responsibility

At TFP we believe that being a sustainable business is about commitment to our community, employees and environment.

TFP is a division of one of the largest employers in the region and as a result, takes it's responsibility to the community very seriously. An example of this is our commitment to working with local schools, promoting careers in Science and Engineering and providing the opportunity for students to gain experience through industrial placements.

As well as encouraging the next generation, TFP are committed to investing in our people now. Ensuring that all individuals have the high level of skill and technical know-how necessary to support our business, as well as the opportunity to develop this further. This is demonstrated by our Investors in People Bronze accreditation.

Another primary concern for TFP, and James Cropper plc, is Health and Safety. We are dedicated to providing a safe working environment for our staff and operate a site wide safety policy, ensuring that safety is the foremost consideration in activity planning and providing the necessary training and tools to prevent and manage any safety risks. 

Finally, sustainability isn't just about the long-term success of the business, it is also about looking after the environment in which we operate. For TFP this is especially relevant given our position on the edge of the beautiful English Lake District. We are committed to preserving this environment and, along with James Cropper plc, continue to invest in environmental improvements such as developing the next generation of products from our recycled waste materials.


 IiP             ISO 14001                            SAFETY BSI

                                                                          ISO 14001 - certificate no. EMS 57536     ISO 18001 -   Occupational Health & Safety                                                                                                                                                       (Certificate No: OHS 93474)