How our materials are used

Our materials are used in a broad range of applications, providing multi-functional solutions in markets ranging from aerospace and automotive to defence and infrastructure.

Our Optimat®  and Optiveil® range deliver properties including conductivity, EMI shielding, corrosion resistance, static dissipation and abrasion resistance. Example applications include:

  • EMI shielding protection
  • Use as a surfacing veil to produce a high quality (class A) surface finish in composites
  • Adhesive carriers and thin film conductive adhesive tapes
  • Multi-layer insulation for satellites
  • A barrier to galvanic corrosion in metal-composite structures
  • Resistive (joule) heating


Our Tecnofire® range of passive fire protection solutions provides a highly effective fire barrier with exceptional char stability for applications including infrastructure and construction. The material can be used in a gap filling capacity or impregnated with resin as part of a composite structure.

We also manufacture high temperature thermal insulation materials and a range of cryogenic tissues for super insulation (Supacool). As well as offering battery separator materials and fuel cell substrates for power storage and generation.

Image: ESA-D. Ducros.