What We Do

At TFP we manufacture an extensive portfolio of nonwoven mats and veils using a unique wet-laid process.

This production process has evolved from our papermaking roots. Our speciality forming machines ensure the highest quality fibre dispersion with the flexibility to customise our materials to suit specific customer requirements.

We work with a broad range of specialist fibres including, but not limited to; carbon, aramid, metal coated carbon, glass, polyester and thermoplastics, and convert these into high quality nonwoven mats and veils. We can tailor the properties of these to fulfil our customers' specific technical or aesthetic requirements through fibre-type & binder selection as well as the addition of particulates to the structure. Materials are available in areal weights from as low as 2 g/m² up to 3000 g/m². We also offer the unique capabiity to tailor the properties of our metal coated materials. These fibres are produced using an in-house electroless and electroplating facility and the metal coating type and thickness can be modified to fulfil specific performance characteristics. 

Our Optimat®, Optiveil® and Tecnofire® ranges provide customisable material solutions suited to a wide range of applications, including surface finish in composites, EMI shielding of electronics and fire protection. Find our more about the properties and applications of these in our products section


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