Consumer Electronics

Combining properties to improve composite fabrication with functionality such as EMI shielding and conductivity, TFP's nonwovens provide multi-functional solutions for electronic applications.

Our Optiveil® &  Optimat® materials are available in areal weights from as low as 2 g/m² and can provide lightweight solutions for a variety of challenges faced by electronics engineers. These include shielding of enclosures from EMI radiation, delivering the electrical conductivity necessary for connectors or, in case of our dielectric veils, providing a support for thin, flexible printed circuit boards (PCB's). 

Optiveil™ is also an ideal candidate for use in the manufacture of composite housing for electronics. Where, due to the exceptionally even fibre distribution and excellent resin uptake of the veils, they can provide a high quality, resin rich surface finish. This also delivers a cost saving by reducing both the resin content and the need to grind or polish.


Typical Applications

  • EMI / RFI shielding of electronic enclosures - The Optiveil® & Optimat ® metal coated carbon materials provide high levels of EMI shielding, these mats and veils can be tailored to meet the required attenuation values at certain specified frequencies. This technology can be used as it comes or incorporated into a composite and offers a competitive light-weight & thermally stable alternative to traditional shielding options.
  • Printed circuit boards (PCB's) - Our dielectric Optiveil® & Optimat® glass veils and mats have a high thermal stability and low coefficient of thermal expansion, making them suitable for use as a support for thin, flexible PCB's.
  • High quality surface finish for electronics housing - Optiveil™ can provide a high quality, resin rich surface finish without the use of a gel coat. The materials can deliver a weight & cost saving by reducing both the amount of paint or resin content required and the need to grind or polish.
  • Heat sink and thermal management applications - The thermal conductivity of our metal coated veils and mats makes them suitable for use in heat sink and thermal management applications.


Please contact us with your requirements, we would welcome the oppotunity to discuss further our materials and their applications.