TFP's nonwoven veils and mats have been providing solutions for the Defence sector for over 20 years.

Able to develop materials to meet specifications that other providers can't fulfil, we work with our customers to design a product to suit the intended application.

Whether producing precise blends of dielectric and conductive fibres to reduce radar cross section, or tailoring the performance of our conductive veils to meet required shielding attenuation values at specified frequencies, TFP have the knowledge and expertise to deliver a solution.

 Typical applications include:

  • Radar Absorption Materials (RAM) / Low Observable (LO) - Dielectric fibres such as glass, polyester or aramid can be blended with precise amounts of conductive fibre to reduce radar cross section in land-vehicle, aircraft and marine applications.
  • EMI shieldingOptiveil ® & Optimat® carbon and metal coated carbon provide high levels of EMI shielding. These mats and veils can be tailored to meet the required attenuation values at certain specified frequencies. This technology can be used as it comes or incorporated into a composite and offers a competitive lightweight alternative to traditional shielding options.
  • Radar transparent materials - TFP offer electronically transparent materials which can be used in applications such as radomes.

Please contact us with your requirements, we would welcome the opportunity to discuss further our materials and their applications.