Whether providing a performance enhancement or increasing longevity, TFP nonwovens are ideal for use in a broad range of industrial applications.

  • Performance enhancement - TFP nonwovens deliver enhanced functionality, including fire protection and thermal/ cryogenic insulation.
  • Increased longevity - Our aramid and glass nonwovens can be used to increase wear resistance in composite roll covers and chemically resistant C glass mats & veils offer enhanced corrosion resistance in pipework or vessels.


TFP offer the capability to tailor any of these materials to suit the specific application requirements. Both in terms of performance, or the form in which the material is supplied, options include the production of complex shapes or hybrid structures. 


Typical uses in industrial applications include:


  • Wear resistance & static dissipation of roll covers - Glass and aramid nonwovens from TFP can be used in composite roll covers to impart superior wear resistance. Common to high speed industrial rolls used in printing, textiles and papermaking, TFP technology delivers quality & longevity. Using a precise blend of dielectric and conductive fibres, TFP nonwovens can also offer protection from the threat of surface static discharge. 
  • Cryogenic insulation - Supacool, by TFP, offers high thermal stability and can be co-wound with a metal foil to provide effective superinsulation for cryogenic vessels, including those for liquid oxygen storage.
  • High temperature insulation - TFP offer thermal insulation papers produced from a broad range of fibres including glass, mineral, AES (alkaline earth silicate), RCF(refractory ceramic fibre) and alumina. These nonwovens deliver effective insulation at temperatures ranging from 500°C up to 1600°C, combined with excellent cold-handling material strength and flexibility.
  • Corrosion resistance of pipes and vessels - As part of our Optiveil® and Optimat® ranges, we offer chemically resistant C glass veils and mats. These provide an effective surfacing layer to improve the corrosion resistance of vessels and pipework for the chemicals industry.
  • Fire protection - Tecnofire®, by TFP, provides highly effective passive fire protection for composite structures and in gap filling applications. Activated by heat to produce a stable char, Tecnofire acts as an insulating layer, offering enhanced fire protection to underlying materials.
  • Surface finish - Optiveil ® provides a high quality, resin rich surface finish without the use need for a gel coat. Optiveil® thus delivers a weight & cost saving by reducing both the amount of paint or resin content required and the need to grind or polish.


Please contact us with your requirements, we would welcome the opportunity to discuss further our materials and their applications.