Infrastructure / Construction

TFP offer a wide range of materials for use in the infrastructure and construction market. This includes options to provide high temperature insulation, fire protection and EMI shielding.

Tecnofire® delivers highly effective passive fire protection. It provides a host of solutions for both traditional gap filling and surface protection applications.  Tecnofire® intumescent expands uni-directionally at temperatures above 190°C to produce an inert char which protects the underlying structure. Typical applications include:

  • Gap filling - applications include pipe wraps and collars, joint seals, glazing seals and door and ventilation grilles.
  • Surface protection - applications include composite fabrications, specialist fire doors and fire resistant panels.


Key advantages to using Tecnofire® include it's stable insulative char, resin infusibility and the range of expansion ratios available (from 4.5:1 up to 35:1). This ensures TFP can provide a Tecnofire® solution to suit your requirements.

Like all TFP nonwovens, Tecnofire® can be tailor-made to suit the intended application. Options available include the production of complex shapes or hybrid structures and application of self adhesive backing. 


Typical applications in the infrastructure and construction industries include:

Fire protection - Tecnofire® provides fire protection for composite structures and in gap filling applications such as fire doors, pipe wraps & collars and glazing seals. Activated by heat to produce a stable char, Tecnofire® acts as an insulating layer, offering enhanced fire protection to the underlying materials.

High temperature insulation - TFP offer thermal insulation papers produced from a broad range of fibres including glass, mineral, AES (alkaline earth silicate), RCF (refractory ceramic fibre) and alumina. This variety enables provision of effective insulation at temperatures ranging from 500°C up to 1600°C, combined with excellent cold-handling material strength and flexibility.

EMI shielding - Optiveil® & Optimat® carbon and metal coated carbon materials provide high levels of EMI shielding. These mats and veils can be tailored to meet the required attenuation values at certain specified frequencies. Used either in isolation, or incorporated into a composite, it offers a competitive lightweight alternative to traditional shielding options.

Surface finish - Optiveil® provides a high quality, resin rich surface finish without the use of a gel coat. Optiveil® delivers a weight & cost saving by reducing both the amount of paint or resin content required and the need to grind or polish.


Please contact us with your requirements, we would welcome the opportunity to discuss further our materials and their applications.