TFP nonwovens can also find application in the Medical industry where the EMI shielding and conductive properties of Optiveil ® & Optimat® can be used to reduce interference or provide a conductive substrate.

TFP's Optiveil® & Optimat® carbon and metal coated carbon materials provide high levels of EMI shielding which can be tailored to meet the application requirements. This technology can be used either as it comes, or as part of a composite, and offers a competitive lightweight alternative to the traditional shielding options used in the Medical sector.

Other applications in the Medical sector include the use of lightweight veils as functional substrates. TFP offer the capability to work with a broad range of fibres, including natural fibres such as viscose, which are more suited to use in Medical applications. We would welcome the opportunity to discuss our expertise and capability in this area further, please contact us for more information.