Aramid Veils & Mats

A key functionality of TFP's aramid veils and mats is their resistance to abrasion and wear. This property is exploited in applications such as industrial roll coverings or friction product substrates, where enhanced wear resistance is required. TFP produce para-aramids as part of our Optiveil™ and Optimat® ranges and can also produce materials using meta-aramid if required.

Our aramid materials demonstrate excellent resin uptake and are compatible with most common resin systems, making them suitable for use in all major composite fabrication techniques. 


  • Abrasion resistance
  • Dielectric
  • High temperature resistance
  • High thermal stability


Areal weight:   10 g/m² up to 200 g/m²

Binders:          Poly vinyl alcohol (PVA), co-polyester, cross-linked polyester, styrene acrylic and polyurethane

Typical applications: 

  • Aramid veils and mats are used to impart superior wear resistance to the surface of high speed industrial rollers used in printing, textiles and papermaking.
  • Aramid veils and mats also make an excellent substrate for friction products, where they can be used as a coating base for automotive brake and transmission systems.
  • Optiveil™ lightweight aramid veils can be used as adhesive carriers.
  • Aramid veils can also be used as a surfacing veil. They aid production of a high quality, resin rich surface finish in composites, with the added benefit of improved wear resistance.


Our veils and mats are available in rolls from as narrow as 5 mm up to 1650 mm in width. We also offer the capability to supply materials in sheeted form or as cut shapes, please contact us to find out more.