At TFP we offer the capability to manufacture veils and mats comprising of precise blends of fibres. Usually consisting of an evenly distributed blend of dielectric with conductive fibres, typical products include blends of E glass & carbon, polyester & carbon and aramid & carbon. These veils and mats are used in applications requiring static dissipation and reduced radar cross section. As part of our Optiveil™ and Optimat® ranges the materials are suitable for use in all major composite fabrication techniques and are compatible with most common resin systems.


  • Static protection
  • Electrical conductivity
  • Excellent resin uptake
  • Chemical resistance
  • Electromagnetic wave absorption


Areal weight:   4 g/m² up to 200 g/m²

Binders:          Poly vinyl alcohol (PVA), co-polyester and cross-linked polyester

Typical applications:

  • Glass & polyester blended with precise amounts of conductive fibre can be used to reduce radar cross section in land vehicle, aircraft and marine applications.
  • Veils made from blends of glass, polyester or aramid with conductive fibre provide protection from surface static discharge in applications such as composite roll covers. They can also be used in resistive heating applications.
  • Blended fibre veils provide a high quality resin rich surface finish without the use of a gel coat. By adjusting the blend proportions Optiveil™ can deliver a tuneable aesthetic appearance.


Our veils and mats are available in rolls from as narrow as 5 mm up to 1650 mm in width. We also offer the capability to supply materials in sheeted form or as cut shapes, contact us to learn more about our materials and capability.