Glass Veils & Mats

Our Optiveil™ and Optimat® ranges of glass veils and mats are suitable for a broad range of applications and are ideal for use in composites. The materials offer an extensive range of properties including corrosion resistance and high thermal stability. They are compatible with all major composite fabrication techniques and can be used with most common resin systems.

We offer a range of products, including E glass, ECR glass and fine glass  (6.5µm diameter), available in areal weights from 4 g/m² up to 400 g/m² and a wide choice of binders, ensuring maximum compatibility.


  • High temperature resistance
  • Corrosion resistance
  • High thermal stability
  • Excellent resin uptake
  • Dielectric
  • Even fibre distribution


Areal weight:          4 g/m² up to 400 g/m²

Binders:                Poly vinyl alcohol (PVA), polyester, cross-linked polyester, styrene acrylic, co-polyester

Typical applications:

  • C glass mats and veils are chemically resistant and can improve the corrosion resistance of vessels and pipework for the chemicals industry.
  • Optiveil™ glass veils can be used to generate a high quality resin rich surface finish in composites.
  • Glass has a high thermal stability and low coefficient of thermal expansion, making it suitable for use in printed circuit boards (PCB).
  • Our glass nonwovens can also prevent interlaminar galvanic corrosion by separating dissimilar conductive materials such as aluminium and carbon.
  • Lightweight glass veils can be used as a carrier & support for adhesive films.


As well as our Optiveil™ & Optimat® materials, we offer additional glass ranges specially designed for use in power storage & generation  systems and to achieve super insulation. Example applications in these areas include separators for lead acid and lithium batteries and cryogenic spacer  tissues.

Our glass veils and mats are available in continuous rolls from as narrow as 5 mm up to 1650 mm in width. We also offer the capability to supply materials in sheeted form or converted into specific shapes to meet customer requirements, contact us to find out more.