Intumescent Materials

Our range of Tecnofire® intumescent materials provide highly effective fire protection solutions for a broad range of applications, including composite fabrications and construction gap filling.

The materials are manufactured from temperature resistant mineral fibre, exfoliating graphite, a small amount of organic binder and, in some cases, additional particulates, fibres or active ingredients such as ATH. Tecnofire® is activated by heat (>190°C) which initiates unidirectional expansion of the intumescent to form a stable inert char. This char is highly stabilised by the matrix of mineral fibre and both acts as an insulating layer and offers enhanced fire protection to the underlying materials.

Tecnofire® before & after expansion:

expanded TF  

To view Tecnofire in action just click on this link.

The Tecnofire® range encompasses a broad range of options; offering both flexible and rigid products, resin-infusible grades and a wide range of thicknesses with various expansion volume & pressure characteristics. Typical thicknesses and expansion ratios are detailed below, however these can be optimised to meet specific application requirements. 

  • Thickness range:     0.5 mm up to 5 mm 
  • Expansion ratio:      4.5:1 up to 35:1

The material can be supplied in various forms including sheets, rolls, narrow coils or cut shapes

We have worked with a wide variety of partners to develop passive fire protection solutions for a range of applications across markets including both the construction and transportation industries and have been able to demonstrate that Tecnofire® can meet application specific testing standards.

Secondary Processing Options

We have worked in partnership with many customers to develop tailor-made Tecnofire® solutions.  This can involve either the development of a new Tecnofire® material or customisation via secondary processing.

Some common secondary processing techniques used include: 

  • Lamination  - several Tecnofire® sheets can be laminated together or, alternatively, Tecnofire® can be laminated to other materials to create multifunctional hybrid structures. For example, we have successfully laminated Tecnofire® to materials such as flame retardant paper or card, plastic sheets and natural wooden veneers.
  • Surface sealing or coating - Tecnofire® can be supplied with either one or two sides surface sealed or powder coated.
  • Application of self adhesive backing (SAB) - the Tecnofire® range is compatible with a number of commercially available pressure sensitive adhesives and we are able to supply both rolls and sheets complete with SAB.
  • Pre-impregnation -  a selection of Tecnofire®  products can be readily converted to prepreg materials to enable ease in downstream processing
  • Custom, cut shapes - we have the capability to produce custom cut shapes including gaskets and discs.


Please contact us for further information on our products and capability, we would welcome the opportunity to discuss your application and requirements.