Metal Coated Veils & Mats

Our metal coated materials include nickel coated carbon and copper & nickel coated carbon veils and mats. These can be used in a broad range of applications to deliver properties including EMI shielding and electrical conductivity.

We offer a unique level of control over the properties of our metal coated materials as the fibres are produced 'in-house' via electroless plating and electroplating technologies. This means that the type and quantity of the metals and alloys applied to the fibres can be designed and closely controlled to meet specific performance requirements. 

As part of our Optiveil™ and Optimat® ranges our metal coated materials are also suitable for use in all major composite fabrication techniques, they demonstrate excellent resin uptake and are compatible with most resin systems.


  • EMI shielding
  • Electrical conductivity
  • Thermal conductivity
  • Static protection


Areal weight:   4 g/m² up to 200 g/m²

Binders:          Cross-linked polyester, polyurethane & styrene acrylic

Typical applications:

  • Metal coated carbon veils and mats can used for EMI shielding, providing protection for avionics and electronics.
  • Optiveil™ metal coated carbon veils also provide multifunctionality. Delivering a high quality surface finish in combination with properties such as conductivity and EMI shielding.
  • The thermal conductivity of our metal coated veils and mats also makes them suitable for use in heat sink and thermal management applications.
  • Metal coated veils and mats are also suitable for use in resistive heating applications, such as de-icing of aircraft and architectural structures.


Our veils and mats are available in rolls from as narrow as 5 mm up to 1650 mm in width. We also offer the capability to supply materials in sheeted form or as cut shapes. Please contact us to learn more our materials and capability, we would welcome the opportunity to discuss your specific requirements.