Other Veils & Mats

Our most popular materials, such as carbon, glass & metal coated, represent only a limited proportion of our capability.

At TFP we have experience of working with a broad variety of more specialised fibres, including viscose, quartz, silicon carbide, silver coated nylon and pure metal fibres.  We welcome enquiries for these and other specialised fibre types, offering the expertise to generate high quality nonwovens from a chosen fibre or a precise blend.

Our development or customisation of new materials isn't just limited to fibre type, we also have extensive experience in creating functional materials incorporating particulates and using a  wide variety of binder types. These binders include styrene acrylic, poly vinyl alcohol, bi-component fibres, polyurethane, epoxy, polyimide & phenoxy and, as with fibre type, we actively encourage the exploration of new or custom systems.

Please contact us for further information on our products and capability, we would welcome the opportunity to discuss your application and requirements.