Polyester Veils & Mats

Our range of polyester materials, which includes fine and microfine polyester veils, are suitable for use in applications ranging from adhesive carriers to production of a high quality surface finish. Like all our Optiveil™ and Optimat® products they can be used in all major composite fabrication techniques and are compatible with most common resin systems. However, their drape-ability and excellent resin uptake make them particularly ideal for use in complex composite shapes.


  • Acid resistance
  • Conformable
  • Excellent resin uptake
  • Dielectric


Areal weight:     4 g/m² up to 200 g/m²

Binders:             Cross-linked polyester, styrene acrylic, co-polyester and polyurethane

Typical applications:

  • Polyester veils are used to help produce a high quality resin rich surface finish. The improved conformability relative to glass permits use in more complex shapes, where other surfacing veils could wrinkle or crease.
  • The ultra lightweight and low density Optiveil™ fine polyester and microfine polyester is ideal for use as an adhesive carrier.
  • Polyester veils can also be used as a base for screen printing to incorporate special effects or colour into a composite.
  • Due to their electromagneticl transparency, polyester veils are also suitable for use as a surface layer for radomes.


Our polyester veils and mats are available in rolls from as narrow as 5 mm up to 1650 mm in width. We also offer the capability to supply materials in sheeted form or as cut shapes, contact us to find out more about our materials and capability.