TFP Exhibiting at SAMPE Seattle 2017

Friday, May 2017

Technical Fibre Products (TFP) will be exhibiting its broad range of advanced nonwoven materials on booth C24 at SAMPE Seattle. On display will be several new developments as well as examples of TFP's novel multifunctional nonwoven materials and the many solutions that these provide for advanced composites.

The first innovative new development is a nano-functionalized nonwoven, which has been created on TFP's commercial nanocoating line in Schenectady NY. The incorporation of nanomaterials such as carbon nanotubes or nanofibers into or onto a nonwoven can provide multiple benefits including enhancement of surface conductivity, EMI shielding, thermal management and structural properties. Nanocoating is a new capability for TFP and the team at the show would be delighted to discuss this exciting new technology with you.

Other new developments include a range of lightweight nonwovens with increased flexibility, smoothness and fiber volume. These new materials have been compressed to deliver a higher density, reduced thickness and smaller pore structure for a given areal weight. They have been designed to give improved conformability when working with complex mould shapes and, due to the thinner structure, simultaneously improve the volume fraction achievable. The veil is available in a broad range of fiber types and areal weights in order to ensure the necessary functionality, compatibility and performance are achieved.

TFP specializes in developing or adapting materials to meet customer specific performance, processing and aesthetic requirements. This is enabled by extensive product development capabilities, ranging from proof of concept lab work to trials, full scale manufacture and converting via lamination and nanocoating. Talk to the team on booth C24 at SAMPE Seattle to find out more about TFP's capability and explore how our materials can help deliver a solution to your technical challenge.