NEW Nonwovens Webinar

Wednesday, November 2016

TFP recently ran a webinar to introduce the many uses of our versatile advanced nonwovens. Titled "Learn how to Enhance the Performance, Properties and Production of Composite Structures using Nonwovens" it is available to listen to on the Composites World website.

To listen to it you just need to register - just CLICK HERE. 

In the webinar Nigel Walker, TFP's Director of Technology, discusses the increasing demand for lightweight, functional materials to enhance the properties of advanced composites. He introduces TFP's multifunctional nonwovens and the performance enhancement possibilities delivered using these versatile materials. The key benefits are highlighted, including improved surface finish, composite survivability and resin distribution, as well as enhanced functionality such as EMI shielding, corrosion, abrasion, and fire resistance. Nigel also discusses the potential of TFP's new capabilities, including hybrid- and nano-materials. The intention is to encourage composite professionals to consider how multifunctional nonwovens can provide the solution to their technical and fabrication challenges.

The primary topics covered are:

  • The diversity in application and ease of use of advanced nonwovens; delivering a performance advantage with little to no process adaptations required.

  • The capacity of nonwovens to provide multiple performance and aesthetic enhancements simultaneously - multiple benefits from a single material!

  • The proven potential of advanced nonwovens beyond typical applications such as surfacing.

To find out more about our innovative materials and how to use them effectively just CLICK HERE.