New TFP Webinar Coming Soon...

Monday, November 2017

TFP are presenting a new webinar in conjunction with Composites World to introduce our advanced nonwovens for fire protection. Titled "Enhancing Composite Fire Protection using Nonwovens" it will be held on 31st January 2018 at 2pm EST.

To take part you just need to register on the Composites World website, just CLICK HERE.

In the webinar Dr. Mandy Clement, TFP's Technology Manager, will discuss the fact that in general composites are combustible and must be designed carefully to ensure that they meet stringent industry fire test standards. She will highlight how advanced nonwovens manufactured by TFP, known as Tecnofire, can be easily utilized to provide enhanced fire protection to composite structures. The use of Tecnofire in a range of market sectors including aerospace, mass transportation and infrastructure will also be reviewed and composite processing techniques, suitable for use with the Tecnofire range, will be highlighted.

The primary topics covered are:

  • How Tecnofire advanced nonwovens can provide superior solutions for composite fire protection

  • How the properties of advanced nonwovens can be tailored to suit end-use requirements.

  • Example case studies demonstrating the effective use of Tecnofire in a selection of market sectors.

To find out more about our innovative materials and how to use them effectively just CLICK HERE.