Register Now for Our New Webinar

Thursday, October 2018

TFP is delighted to announce that we will be hosting another live Webinar in conjunction with Composites World entitled "Conductive Nonwoven Materials and Their Applications". It will be held on Wednesday 28th November at 2pm EST and is free to attend.

To take part in the webinar you just need to register on the Composites World website - CLICK HERE.

In the webinar Dr. Andrew Austin will will introduce TFP's conductive nonwovens, their fundamental micro-structure and key properties such as EMI shielding and electrical conductivity. He will discuss how they impart this functionality to composites and highlight typical commercial applications including resistive/inductive heating, fuel cell substrates and conductive tapes.

TFP's conductive nonwoven materials possess a combination of properties that make them highly infusible, flexible, light weight and conductive. This allows them to overcome challenges in both application and process that more traditional substrates such as films, foils and paints struggle to achieve.

Register now at Composites World Webinars for your front row seat to learn more about:

·         The structure and manufacture of TFP's metalized fiber nonwovens.

·         The key physical properties and how they are tailored to suit end-use requirements.

·         How conductive nonwovens are used effectively in a variety of applications.

To find out more about TFP's innovative conductive materials and how to use them effectively just CLICK HERE.