Fire Protection 'The Hot Topic' at Advanced Engineering 2018

Tuesday, October 2018

Nigel Walker and Adam Black will be presenting on the topic of composite fire protection at this year's Advanced Engineering Show at Birmingham NEC.

The presentation entitled 'Enhancing Composite Fire Protection Using Nonwovens'  is part of a series of talks hosted by Composites UK and will focus on the capability of TFP's Tecnofire® range to impart integral fire protection to composite structures.

The talk will be held at the show's Composites & Advanced Materials Forum at 12pm on 31st October and is part of the 'Fire - the Hot Topic' stream. Adam and Nigel will be discussing how the combustible nature of composites means that they must be designed carefully to ensure that they meet stringent industry fire test standards. They will demonstrate how TFP's nonwovens can be easily utilised to meet these standards, providing enhanced fire protection to composite structures.

The presentation will cover a number of composite market sectors including aerospace, mass transportation and infrastructure, illustrating how Tecnofire® is used effectively in these applications through case studies.

Join Adam and Nigel at the show for your front row seat to learn more about:

  • Tecnofire®, TFP's solution to composite flammability and how to incorporate it into your advanced composite structure.
  • Real life applications of Tecnofire® and how the product is being engineered to suit the next generation of applications.