Metal Coated Fibres

TFP offer the unique capability to produce our metal coated fibres 'in-house' at our subsidiaries Electro Fiber Technologies LLC (EFT) and Metal Coated Fibers Inc (MCF). Metal plating can be carried out using either a electroless plating or an electroplating method depending on the requirements. The process offers the capability to uniformly coat either single or dual metals onto the surface of fibres.

The continuous electroplating process is shown below along with an SEM image which shows the nm thick metal coating on the surface of carbon fibres.

metal coating process                   sem         

Custom Metal Coated Fibres

The flexibility of the process, which includes batch and continuous production, enables TFP (in conjunction with EFT & MCF) to offer customised metal coated fibres. The base fibre, metal type and metal coating weight applied can be controlled to meet application requirements. Options include:

  • Metal options:      Nickel, copper, silver, gold, ruthenium and Miralloyâ„¢
  • Metal coating:      10% up to 65% of the finished product weight


We would welcome the opportunity to discuss the full details of our capability with you, please contact us to discuss your requirements.