About  Optimat®

Optimat® is a range of high performance nonwoven mats for use in both advanced composite applications and other niche areas which require highly developed material solutions. 

  • Areal weights:        35 g/m² up to 400 g/m²   (areal weights of less than 35 g/m² are available as part of our Optiveil™ range)


Mats are manufactured from short-chopped fibres, a small amount of organic binder and, in some cases, additional particulates or fillers. Our most popular fibre types include carbon, glass, aramid, polyester, thermoplastic and metal coated carbon, but we offer the expertise and capability to work with alternative, more specialised fibre types. Our Optimat®  materials offer several additional advantages, these include: 

  • An exceptionally even fibre distribution.
  • A wide range of fibre types and capability to process specialist fibres.
  • Mats can be manufactured from an accurate blend of more than one fibre type.
  • The properties and attributes of the materials can be precisely tailored to meet stringent application requirements
  • Product binders can be selected to suit both specific composite processing conditions and other customer requirements.


Optimat® is available as continuous rolls in widths from 5 mm up to 1650 mm or as custom cut sheets or complex shapes. Find out more about our capability by clicking here



Optimat® is a highly competitive solution for many of the technically advanced challenges faced by composite manufacturers and is suitable for use in a wide range of applications, examples of typical uses include:

  • Imparting functionality - Optimat® mats can be employed to give additional functionality to a finished composite part. For example, the electrical conductivity or electromagnetic interference (EMI) shielding properties of the composite can be enhanced by using carbon or metal coated carbon fibre mats.
  • Surface finish - Optimat® can also be used as a heavier weight surfacing veil to deliver a high quality resin rich surface finish, particularly in pultrusion. The materials can deliver a weight & cost saving by reducing both the amount of paint or resin content required and the need to grind or polish.
  • Resin flow media - Optimat® can also act as a resin flow medium to provide enhanced resin transportation in both inter-laminar and surface regions, removing the need to use additional flow media.
  • Composite roll covers - Aramid and glass mats can be used to impart superior wear resistance to the surface of high speed industrial rollers used in printing, textiles and papermaking.
  • Heavier weight Optimat®  can also be used as a semi-structural component in composite applications. 



Our Optimat® mats offer a broad range of functionality, some key properties and the associated materials are listed below, click on the material name to find out more about that specific product.


Conductive Optimat® 

We offer an extensive range of electrically conductive mats and offer the capability to design products to meet strict performance criteria. We have been working for a number of years to understand and utilise the full potential of these materials, and we welcome the opportunity to share our expertise in this area. A selection of the main application areas include; static dissipation, EMI/RFI shielding, radar signature management and conductive tapes. 

EMI shielding

Our Technology Team has worked with many key partners to explore fully the use of Optimat® materials for EMI shielding applications. This work has allowed us to understand the capabilities of the Optimat®   range and, as a result, we can tailor veils to meet required attenuation values at certain specified frequencies. This technology offers a competitive light-weight alternative to traditional shielding options, and we would welcome the opportunity to discuss full details of our capability with you.

Static dissipation

The controlled dissipation of static charge is critical in many industrial applications, and by blending a small amount of carbon fibre with dielectric fibres such as glass, polyester or aramid, we can produce products that prompt the controlled removal of static electricity.

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