Optiveil for EMI shielding

Optiveil® range includes an extensive selection of materials specially designed for delivering electrical conductivity and EMI shielding functionality. Available in areal weights from as low as 2 g/m², typical material options to deliver these properties include metal coated (nickel coated carbon and copper & nickel coated carbon) and carbon veils, however we offer the capability to design custom products to meet specific performance criteria.

Our Technology Team has worked with many key partners to explore the use of Optiveil® materials for EMI shielding applications and this understanding enables us to offer the capability to tailor veils to meet required attenuation values at certain specified frequencies. The Optiveil® technology offers a competitive light-weight alternative to traditional shielding options and typical applications where it can be used include:

  • Shielding of avionics from EMI radiation
  • EMI shielding of electronics for automotive, defence and medical applications
  • EMI management of electronic enclosures for energy, construction and consumer electronics


Conductive Optiveil®

Our conductive veils can be used in a broad range of applications in addition to providing EMI shielding solutions. A selection of the main areas include; static dissipation, radar signature management, conductive tapes  and resistive (joule) heating. We welcome the opportunity to discuss our material properties and applications further, please contact us for more details.