Optiveil® for Support

Optiveil® is available in areal weights as low as 2 g/m², this ultra light weight makes it the ideal candidate for use as an adhesive carrier or stabilising support for fragile component materials. 

A key competitive advantage of the ultra lightweight veils is their exceptionally even fibre distribution and it is this that makes them particularly suitable for use as support or carrier for adhesive films. The even surface of the veil facilitates a uniform application of the adhesive and the properties or aesthetics of the veil can be selected to suit the intended application. For example, the properties of the veil may be chosen to match that of the composite structure. 

The Optiveil® range is extensive, materials are manufactured from short-chopped fibres including carbon, glass, aramid, polyester, thermoplastic and metal coated carbon. These fibre types represent our most popular range, but we offer the expertise and capability to work with alternative, more specialised fibre types or create precise blends. This broad range of fibres enables us to offer a wide selection of functionality including:


Optiveil® can be supplied as continuous rolls in widths from 5 mm up to 1650 mm or as custom cut sheets or complex shapes. Find out more about our capability by clicking here.