Optiveil for surface finish

Optiveil® is the ideal candidate for use as a surfacing veil in composites, lightweight veils offer excellent resin uptake and are suitable for use in all common composite fabrication systems, from RTM to pre-preg & thermoforming.

The exceptionally even fibre distribution and tuneable aesthetic appearance of Optiveil® make it particularly suitable for achieving a high quality, resin rich surface finish in composites, to 'Class A' standards. Using these lightweight veils also delivers a weight & cost saving; it reduces both the resin content & amount of paint required as well as reducing or eliminating the need to grind or polish.

An additional benefit of Optiveil® is the capability to impart functionality to the composite structure as well as producing a high quality finish. The required property can be achieved based on the veil type selected and TFP offer the capability to tailor materials to meet specific application requirements. An overview of some of the functionailties offered is shown below, click on the material name to find out more about that specific product.


In addition to improving surface finish, Optiveil® can also act as a resin flow medium to provide enhanced resin transportation in both inter-laminar and surface regions, removing the need to use additional flow media.

Optiveil® Overview

Optiveil® is manufactured from short-chopped fibres, a small amount of organic binder and, in some cases, additional particulates or fillers. Our most popular fibre types include carbon, glass, aramid, polyester, thermoplastic and metal coated carbon, but we offer the expertise and capability to work with alternative, more specialised fibre types as well as manufacturing materials using precise fibre blends. Optiveil® is manufactured in areal weights ranging from as low as 2 g/m² up to 34 g/m² and heavier areal weights of equivalent materials are available as part of our Optimat® range.

Optiveil® is available as continuous rolls in widths from 5 mm up to 1650 mm or as custom cut sheets or complex shapes. Find out more about our capability by clicking here.