Tecnofire® - Resin Infused

As part of our Tecnofire® range TFP offer Tecnofire® 2000 & Tecnofire® 2006, these materials have already been infused with resin to deliver a high expansion ratio combined with enhanced durability.

Tecnofire® E22M+R Board (67152B)

Tecnofire® E22M+R Board is a rigid epoxy composite sheet incorporating Tecnofire®. The material is of exceptional quality and combines very high expansion characteristics (22:1) with both durability and resistance to water and other chemicals.  The material is available supplied as sheets with a thickness of either 0.65mm or 1.3mm.

Tecnofire® E22M+R Mat (67152F)

Tecnofire® E22M+R Mat has been developed as a semi-flexible alternative to Tecnofire® E22M+R Board. It can be supplied in sheets (thickness 0.65mm or 1.3mm) or, following recent technical developments, sheets can be joined to produce rolls or coils (minimum width 10mm).

Both Tecnofire® E22M+R Mat and Board can be employed in traditional gap filling applications and the passive fire protection of composites, but are most extensively used in the construction of 30, 60 and 90 minute fire rated doors where they have been tested and certified with the Warnock Hersey Mark, issued by Intertek. Tecnofire® has become the preferred intumescent for meeting the "Positive Pressure" fire door testing requirements of UL10C, UBC 7-2 and ISO 9705 for a number of reasons including:

  • The materials perform well in fire tests.
  • Tecnofire® grades are generally thinner than silicate, pyrophosphate or rubber based systems.
  • Tecnofire® is easier to handle and less prone to breakage, resulting in reduced processing waste.
  • Tecnofire® is resistant to moisture absorbance and "weeping", which can impact negatively on both door quality and door appearance.
  • Tecnofire® is compatible with automated door manufacturing equipment such as edge banders and veneer applicators which can eliminate manufacturing bottlenecks.
  • Tecnofire® has been approved by Authorities Having Jurisdiction (AHJ) and ITS to redress gap tolerance non-conformance during door installation at construction sites.

For the North American markets, TFP collaborates with Lorient North America (LNA) located in Lexington Kentucky to bring Tecnofire® E22M+R Mat and Board to the marketplace. Lorient is approved by ITS to custom slit and convert Tecnofire®  to meet specific product dimensions or produce "kits" tailored to meet individual door manufacturers needs.

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