Tecnofire for Composites

TFP produce Tecnofire®, a range of high quality intumescent materials which are used as a highly effective passive fire protection solution.

A key application for Tecnofire® is in the fire protection of composite structures and a number of grades have been specifically designed so that they are readily resin-infusible for this purpose. Tecnofire® is incorporated near the surface as a permanent and integral part of the structure and, following activation by fire at temperatures above 190 °C, expands unidirectionally to form a stabilised & insulating char. The char is stabilised by high temperature resistant mineral fibres and significantly reduces the rate of degradation of the underlying materials by both insulating the composite from heat energy and protecting the composite from combustion.  

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Tecnofire® is manufactured from exfoliating graphite, high temperature resistant mineral fibre, a small amount of organic binder and, in some cases, additional particulates, fibres or active ingredients such as ATH. ATH (alumina trihydrate) undergoes an endothermic reaction, releasing water and acting as a suppressant to surface spread of flame, further improving the fire performance of the Tecnofire® mat.

Several Tecnofire® materials have been specifically designed for use in composite applications, ensuring suitability for processing using a selection of standard composite fabrication methods.

We would welcome the opportunity to discuss your specific requirements and either help identify the most suitable Tecnofire®  material for your application or develop a custom variant if required, please contact us to discuss your enquiry.

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