At TFP we pride ourselves on the quality & uniformity of the fibre dispersion in our nonwovens and are commited to producing materials which are consistently of the highest possible quality.

Continuous Quality Monitoring

Our commitment to quality is typified by the advanced control systems on our production machines. These include high resolution fault detection systems, which carry out continuous checks, assessing the quality of every square metre of our Optiveil® &  Optimat® materials to a resolution as precise as 1µm and augments existing continuous measurement of areal weight. These online system ensures the quality & consistency of our materials.

Quality Assurance

TFP are accredited to the AS 9100 (EN 9100:2018) Aerospace Quality and the ISO 9001 Quality Management System standards which, coupled with our knowledge and expertise, provides our customers with the assurance of high quality nonwovens designed to meet specific performance requirements. 

AS 9100 is the industry recognised quality standard and achieving compliance to this demonstrates that TFP has the knowledge and experience necessary to satisfy the demanding requirements, processes and regulatory controls stipulated by the aerospace industry.


AS9100     ISO9001

Certificate No: FM 607060           Certificate No: FM 10048