Custom Manufacture

At TFP we believe in working in partnership with our customers and suppliers offer a range of capabilities which enable us to deliver high quality, custom-made materials.

These capabilities include a pilot line facility which is dedicated to new product development. This smaller scale version of our main manufacturing process provides a cost effective opportunity to trial new materials.

We also offer extensive experience working with a broad range of fibre types, including quartz, silver coated nylon, silicon carbide, viscose, pure metal & metal alloys and welcome custom enquiries that involve these or other fibre options. Creation of a customised solution doesn't stop with fibre type though; our expertise and capability enable us to offer a range of ways to meet specific properties and attributes. These include the use of precise fibre blends, binder selection to ensure application compatibility and the addition of particulates to the veil or mat. Our metal coated carbon veils and mats also offer a unique opportunity to deliver a custom product, the fibres are produced 'in-house' which means that metal type and metal coating weight can be specifically optimised to produce tailor-made solutions.

Our ability to develop custom materials is not limited to our primary manufacturing process and capability, we also offer customisation via secondary processing. This includes development of hybrid products, through consolidation of multi-layer structures using our new in-house facility. In addition to this in-house technology, we also work in partnership with a network of converting specialists to offer customers a variety of secondary processing options.  Typical options include compression and resin impregnation of the nonwoven base material. 

Our open and enabling ethos of working in partnership with customers and suppliers has proven to be a solid foundation for the successful development of custom materials to meet technically demanding challenges in a cost effective way.  We would welcome the opportunity to discuss full details of our capability with you, please contact us to discuss your requirements.