At TFP we believe in continued innovation, from performance advancement of our current materials to development of products for next generation technologies. We are continually looking to extend our current process capability, this has been most recently demonstrated by the production of our lightest ever nonwoven veil at 2 g/m² which provides solution for applications where weight is critical, but performance can't be compromised.

Our continued innovation is also demonstrated by our ongoing investment in extensive research activities. Our dedicated Technology team specialises in the development of our next generation of nonwovens and is involved in collaborations with both leading academic institutions and high profile industrial partners from areas such as aerospace, energy, defence and composite manufacture.

TFP is a partner in the Composites Innovation Cluster (CiC). The CiC project is led by Cytec Industrial Materials (Heanor, UK), partnered by Axillium and Composites UK and aims to address the market failures facing composites for high value manufacturing applications in the UK. We are the lead partner in the UK-THERMOCOMP  project which is one of the 15 projects within the CiC and is funded by the Government's Advanced Manufacturing Supply Chain Initiative (AMSCI).

 CiCUK-THERMOCOMP - TFP is working alongside AGC AeroComposites, Altair, Axon Automotive, NetComposites, Sigmatex, Tilsatec and WMG on the project, which has the ultimate aim of delivering high performance, high volume carbon fibre-reinforced thermoplastic components to global end-users. The overall objective of the project is to develop the necessary manufacturing technologies for the short-cycle time, high volume production of carbon fibre reinforced thermoplastic components for the automotive and aerospace sectors. Building upon recently UK-developed carbon fibre-reinforced thermoplastic materials, the vision is to develop and integrate the supporting tooling, consolidation and simulation technologies, as well as the associated supply chain, to provide a UK capability for high volume carbon fibre composite component production.

TFP has been involved in a range of other research projects focussing on the development of products based on recycled materials, advanced thermoplastics and for applications such as fuel cells. These were partially funded by the government Technology Strategy Board (TSB) and completed projects include:

  • HiPerCom -  TFP worked with AGC AeroComposites Yeovil, Netcomposites, NPL, Tilsatec & Leeds University to develop ultra-thin, highly aligned, continuous and discontinuous composite materials with step change improvements in mechanical performance and processing efficiency for the automotive and aerospace industries.
  • FINESSE -  TFP collaborated with Johnson Matthey Fuel Cells on the FINESSE programme, with a view to demonstrating the commercial readiness of a novel prototype gas diffusion layer (GDL) for a fuel cell membrane electrode assembly. 
  • RECOVER -  TFP, again in partnership with Johnson Matthey Fuel Cells, collaborated with Axion Recycling. The objective of the Recover project was to establish the technical and economic feasibility of recovery and re-use of high value materials from fuel cell electrode assemblies and establish the potential for a new UK-based global recycling business. 


Our Technology team is comprised of materials scientists, technologists, engineers and support staff and has a long history of building strong, productive collaborations with partners. The team specialises in new product & technology development and the support of such innovations to full commercialisation.  Our purpose-built facilities include a pilot line, electroless plating & electroplating lines, nanocoating line, particle plating facility, laboratory scale manufacturing equipment and a development laboratory which houses state-of-the-art testing and analytical tools.  Additionally, through collaborative programmes, we have access to several international Centres of Excellence.

We would welcome the opportunity to share our knowledge and expertise to achieve mutually beneficial goals, please contact us to discuss possible areas of collaboration.