Our Capabilities

While all our materials share a common manufacturing process, a wealth of post-processing options provides for an almost unlimited level of customisation. This customisation ranges from the form in which the material is supplied (rolls, sheets or custom shapes) to the secondary processing options available.

Material Supply

We offer the capability to supply material in a range of forms to meet our customers needs, these include:

Continuous rolls: 

Materials can be supplied in continuous rolls manufactured to meet the specific width & length requirements of our customers.

  • Roll width:   5 mm up to 1650 mm (0.2" up to 65")
  • Roll length:  As specified (subject to material properties, caliper and required roll width)



Materials are also available in sheet form, produced to customer specified dimensions.

  • Sheet width:   70 mm up to 1350 mm (2.8" up to 53.1")
  • Sheet length:  100 mm up to 1350 mm (3.9" up to 53.1")


Cut shapes: 

Material can also be supplied cut to custom, complex shapes to fulfil special requirements.


Secondary Processing

We also have the capability to offer a broad range of secondary processing options, both in-house or via our network of converting specialists, these include:

  • New commercial Nanocoating capability 
  • Particle plating
  • Consolidation of multi-layer structures to produce multifunctional hybrid materials
  • Application of self-adhesive backing (SAB) to products
  • Resin-impregnation of nonwoven base material
  • Powder scatter capability
  • Compression of materials


We would welcome the opportunity to discuss full details of our capability with you, please contact us to discuss your specific requirements.