Industrial Materials

TFP’s nonwovens are used in a broad range of applications in the industrial sector. They provide a performance benefit through enhanced functionality or increasing the longevity of a structure or component. The properties and performance they offer is best illustrated through some of their current uses:


  • Fire protection - Tecnofire® provides highly effective passive fire protection for composite structures and gap filling applications. Activated by heat to produce a stable char, Tecnofire acts as an insulating layer, offering enhanced fire protection to underlying materials.
  • High temperature insulation - TFP offer thermal insulation papers produced from a broad range of fibres including glass, mineral, AES and alumina. These nonwovens deliver effective insulation at temperatures ranging from 500°C up to 1600°C, combined with excellent cold-handling material strength and flexibility.
  • Cryogenic insulation – Our SUPACOOL range has high thermal stability and can be co-wound with a metal foil to provide effective superinsulation for cryogenic vessels, including those for liquid oxygen storage.


  • Wear resistance & static dissipation of roll covers – Our glass and aramid nonwovens are used in the manufacture of composite roll covers for high speed industrial rolls used in printing, textiles and papermaking. They impart superior wear resistance and a high quality surface, increasing both performance and lifetime. By incorporating a precise blend of dielectric and conductive fibres, they also offer protection from surface static discharge. 
  • Corrosion resistance of pipes and vessels - As part of our OPTIVEIL® and OPTIMAT® ranges, we offer chemically resistant carbon and ECR glass veils and mats. These provide an effective surfacing layer for composite vessels and pipework used to transport corrosive materials in the chemicals industry. The use of a surface veil improves corrosion resistance and ultimately increases the service time of the pipes & vessels.


Find out more about the benefits our nonwovens provide for industrial applications:

abrasion resistant material close up

Abrasion Resistance

Imparting enhanced abrasion and wear resistance to composites.

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close up of antistatic material


Precise fibre blends to facilitate static dissipation.

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close up of corrosion resistant material

Corrosion Resistance

Nonwovens which provide chemical resistance and prevent galvanic corrosion.

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EMI Shielding

An effective, lightweight & practical solution for imparting EMI shielding functionality to composites.

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Surface Finish

OPTIVEIL® nonwovens provide a high quality, resin rich surface finish to a composite.

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composite fire protection material close up

Composite Fire Protection

Integrated fire protection without structural compromise.

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