TFP’s nonwovens have been used in marine applications to provide a high specification surface finish on composite components and also to deliver fire protection to vessels.


OPTIVEIL® provides an ideal solution for improving the surface on composite boat panels for painting. The incorporation of the veil into the composite simultaneously eliminates print through from the underlying structural fabric and reduces both pin-holing & defects on the surface of the part. The resultant finish allows the panel to be painted to a high specification without the need for excessive finishing after removal from the mould.


Our TECNOFIRE® materials have also found application in the fabrication of yachts, specifically in providing fire protection to the structure and enabling it to meet the appropriate fire test standards. TECNOFIRE® is an intumescent material, expanding at temperatures above 190°C (374°F) to produce a stable char which helps prevent fire spread and protects the underlying structure from fire. It can be used as it comes in a gap filling capacity or resin infused as part of a composite panel to provide integrated fire protection.


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Surface Finish

OPTIVEIL® nonwovens provide a high quality, resin rich surface finish to a composite.

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composite fire protection material close up

Composite Fire Protection

Integrated fire protection without structural compromise.

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