The applications for TFP’s nonwovens are never more diverse than in the medical sector, some examples include portable defibrillator pads, composite prosthetics and colostomy bags. This variety highlights the wide range of functions our materials can fulfil. Those most relevant to medical are:

  • EMI shielding and electrical conductivity – our conductive nonwovens can be used to reduce EMI interference in medical equipment or provide a conductive substrate. In portable defibrillator pads the even fibre distribution of the veil ensures the uniform distribution of charge, improving the device effectiveness and preventing electrical burns to the patient.
  • Surface finish – our nonwovens are incorporated into composite structures to provide a resin rich surface finish. One example is its use in Pro-Comp, a composite laminate that can be formed into complex shapes which exhibit good strength. One application for this is in the creation of false limbs.
  • Natural fibre nonwovens: although the majority of the fibres we process are engineered, we can work with natural fibres too, such as viscose or flax. These natural fibres are important in medical applications, such as colostomy bags, where the structure of the nonwoven is cleverly designed to disperse in water after a given time period.
  • Adhesive carrier – the use of our nonwovens as carrier substrates for adhesive films or substrates is also relevant to the medical sector.


To find out more about how our materials are used in medical applications, follow the links below.

adhesive carrier material

Adhesive Carrier

Our lightweight OPTIVEIL® nonwovens provide an effective support or carrier for adhesive films.

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close up of electrical conductive material

Electrical Conductivity

Nonwovens which offer tuneable electrical conductivity for a wide range of applications.

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EMI Shielding

An effective, lightweight & practical solution for imparting EMI shielding functionality to composites.

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Surface Finish

OPTIVEIL® nonwovens provide a high quality, resin rich surface finish to a composite.

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