TFP will be exhibiting our nonwoven solutions for advanced composites at the International Composites Summit (ICS) next year, in Milton Keynes from 6-7 September.

Visit the TFP team on STAND M10 where we will be presenting materials from TFP’s Optiveil®, Optimat® and Tecnofire® ranges, specifically designed for use within composites. Our materials constitute the lightest and broadest range of wet-laid nonwovens in the world and can fulfill several functions in advanced composite structures. These include:

  • Enabling a high quality, resin rich surface finish.
  • Imparting surface functionalities such as EMI shielding, corrosion resistance, abrasion resistance, electrical conductivity and static dissipation.
  • Providing a lightweight, effective carrier or support for adhesive films & fragile materials. The veil ensures a defined and consistent film thickness whilst improving handling and resilience.
  • Delivering highly effective, integrated fire protection at the surface of a composite without compromising the integrity of the structure.
  • Increasing the mode-I and mode-II interlaminar fracture toughness of a composite structure by up to 400%!
  • Acting as a resin flow medium to provide enhanced resin transportation in both interlaminar and surface regions. Optiveil® & Optimat® remove the need to use additional flow media resulting in lower resin usage and scrap.
  • Preventing the electrochemical reaction, that causes galvanic corrosion. Our dielectic nonwovens to provide an electrically isolating layer between dissimilar conductive materials.

We also specialise in developing or adapting materials to meet customer specific performance, processing and aesthetic requirements. Made possible through our extensive product development capabilities, ranging from proof of concept lab work and trials to full-scale manufacturing, to converting via lamination and nanocoating. Come and talk to us to find out more about TFP’s capabilities and explore how our materials can help deliver a solution to your technical challenge.

ECOVEIL – Sustainable Nonwoven Solutions for Composites 

Join Dr. James Taylor, TFP Materials Scientist at the ICS's associated conference on Wednesday 6th September at 1pm, where he will presenting ECOVEIL, TFP's latest in Sustainable Nonwovens. James will discuss the typical applications and properties of ECOVEIL, with a focus on the benefits that the range delivers to the finish, fabrication and function of a composite structure.

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