TFP will be exhibiting at SAMPE Seattle in April 2023, displaying our Tecnofire® fire protection range, nano-coated materials and Optiveil® lightweight veils at booth L12. (Conference 17 - 20th April Exhibition 18-19th April 2023).

Tecnofire® is our range of versatile lightweight intumescent fire protection materials. The materials protect their underlying structure from heat energy by expanding from 4 to 35 times their original thickness when exposed to heat. They have been specified for use in the likes of bridges, fire doors, buses, trains, trams and structural panels, following successful fire testing. We offer specially developed resin infusible grades for incorporation at the surface of a composite to provide effective fire protection where it is required, without compromising structural integrity. 

Our Nanocoating line at our site in Schenectady NY is one of the world’s largest rolled good nanocoating facilities and gives us the capability to incorporate nanomaterials such as carbon nanotubes & nanofibres, graphene, or other micro-scale particles into or onto our nonwovens. The addition of nano particulates provides multiple benefits including the enhancement of surface conductivity, EMI shielding, thermal and structural properties.

Optiveil®, our lightweight nonwovens provide surface finishing solutions in a variety of composite markets, such as aerospace, automotive, sporting goods, marine, energy and industrial sectors. The materials can be used as surfacing veils and fabrication aids – providing a means of improving resin flow in the structure. We manufacture the materials using a variety of fibre types to offer additional benefits including fracture toughness, EMI shielding, electrical conductivity, galvanic corrosion prevention, and corrosion & abrasion resistance.

To find out more about our materials and how we can call into booth L12 at SAMPE Seattle on 18 - 19 April, 2023. 

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