Neil Gray will be presenting at the ACMA Pultrusion Conference on the 15th April. The 3 day event is held is collaboration with EPTA and runs from 13-15 April 2021. Neil will be talking about how TFP's nonwoven veils not only provide a superior surface finish, but also impart additional surface functionality to the composite profile to add value to the pultruder and their customers. Examples of this functionality include:

  • Glass & polyester veils can be incorporated to offer enhanced corrosion resistance, allowing profiles to be potentially used in the chemical processing industry.
  • Carbon or metal coated carbon veils can be used as surface veils to impart improved electrical conductivity for static dissipation.
  • Aramid veils can be used to improve abrasion resistance to the composite profile, offering increased lifespan for profiles utilised in machinery.
  • Intumescent graphite nonwovens offer improved fire, smoke & toxic fume performance to the composite profile, allowing more stringent FST standards to be achieved whilst reducing weight of the composite profile by reducing the need for FST fillers.

TFP's surfacing veils can be designed to be compatible with a wide range of resins systems used in pultrusion and offer both a high wet tensile strength and good dimensional stability. In addition the application of the correct veils can also offer further advantages such as reduced pulling force and increased line speed, as well as reduced die wear.

To find out more listen to Neil's presentation on 15th April at 1.50pm EST - or just get in touch - we'd welcome the opportunity to discuss our materials and capability.