TFP are delighted to announce that we will be hosting another webinar with Composites World on 24th March. This webinar will focus on Improving the Fire Reaction and Fire Resistance Properties of Composites. It is free to view on the Composites World website both during and after the event.

Advanced composites are increasingly used in applications where they need to meet stringent reaction to fire and fire resistance criteria. TFP's nonwovens enable composites to pass these fire test standards and have been used extensively in applications such as infrastructure, construction, mass transport and aerospace. In this webinar, Neil and Scott will discuss how Tecnofire is easily incorporated directly into a composite, protecting the structure from fire while reducing smoke and heat release. They will demonstrate how Tecnofire has been used effectively to pass key reaction to fire standards including ASTM E662, E162 and the EN45545 rail sector standard. Neil and Scott will also present relevant case studies, as well as new fire resistance test data which demonstrates Tecnofire's effectiveness at increasing the fire resistance of composites.

Register now at Composites World to join Neil and Scott on the 24th March at 2pm EST and learn more about:

  • TFP's Tecnofire range and the fire protection it provides to composites.
  • Incorporating Tecnofire directly into a composite structure using traditional fabrication methods, to reduce the need for additional processing—as well as combining with FR resins and integrating into FR laminate composite assemblies.
  • The key reaction to fire test results including EN45545, ASTM E662 and E162
  • How Tecnofire improves fire resistance in composites.
  • Case studies, highlighting the use of Tecnofire in composite applications.

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