We are delighted to announce that TFP recently hosted a second live Webinar in conjunction with Composites World. The Webinar is titled "Improving Composite Fracture Toughness Using TFP Nonwovens" and is free to view on the Composites World website.

In the webinar Dr. Mandy Clement, TFP's Technology Manager, discusses how composites can be prone to failure via delamination and how TFP's nonwovens, when used as 'composite enhancing interleaves', can provide a solution to this. As part of the Webinar Mandy demonstrates how nonwoven interleaves can dramatically improve fracture toughness, while adding minimum weight to a composite part.

Register now at Composites World Webinars to learn more about:

  • How to enhance composite fracture toughness using non-woven interleaves.
  • Advantages of using non-woven interleaves.
  • How to select the correct non-woven interleave for the end-use.
  • How to incorporate a non-woven interleave into the lay-up.