TFP manufacture a range of aramid nonwovens which offer an inherent resistance to abrasion. This property is exploited in applications such as industrial roll coverings or friction product substrates, where enhanced wear resistance is required.

Our aramid materials demonstrate excellent resin uptake and are compatible with most common composite resin systems, making them suitable for use in all major composite fabrication techniques. Some key applications for these materials are:

  • Imparting superior wear resistance to the surface of high speed industrial rollers used in printing, textiles and papermaking. The aramid can also be blended with conductive fibres to provide protection from surface static discharge.
  • Providing an excellent substrate for friction products; TFP’s nonwovens have been used as an effective coating base for automotive clutch, brake and transmission system parts.
  • Creating a more wear resistant surface finish, an important consideration in the manufacture of composite sporting goods, where it can increase the product resilience and life span.