Our lightweight nonwovens provide an effective support or carrier for adhesive films and fragile materials. They enable the uniform wet out of adhesive, ensuring a defined and consistent film thickness, whilst ultimately improving the resilience and handling of the final product.

The key benefits to using TFP’s veils as a carrier substrate are:

  • The lightweight veil improves the resilience and ease of handling of the film or fragile material with only a minimal weight addition.
  • The exceptionally uniform fibre distribution enables an even wet out of the adhesive during production.
  • The veil ‘sets the bond line’ by defining the thickness. The uniform veil thickness helps control the level of adhesive to ensure a consistent bond line.

Typical nonwoven types:

Carbon, Glass, Polyester, Aramid, Nickel Coated Carbon, Copper & Nickel Coated Carbon and blends of these fibres are all available. We also welcome custom requests.