TFP offer a range of antistatic nonwovens which comprise precise blends of evenly distributed dielectric and conductive fibres. These materials provide tuneable levels of electrical resistance making them ideal for applications which require static dissipation or protection. Ā Other key properties include chemical resistance, electromagnetic wave absorption and excellent resin uptake when used in composite fabrication.

Our antistatic materials consist of blends of E glass & carbon, polyester & carbon and aramid & carbon, and their uses are best demonstrated though some typical examples:

  • Veils made from blends of glass, polyester or aramid with conductive fibre provide protection from surface static discharge in applications such as composite roll covers. They can also be used in resistive heating applications.
  • Blended fibre veils provide a high quality resin rich surface finish without the use of a gel coat. By adjusting the blend proportions OPTIVEILĀ® can deliver the required aesthetic appearance.

As well as being used in antistatic applications our glass & polyester blended with precise amounts of conductive fibre can be used to reduce radar cross section in land vehicle, aircraft and marine applications.