TECNOFIRE® is widely used in a broad range of gap filling applications. It exhibits unidirectional expansion; only expanding in the through plane. This means that there is no wasted expansion in planes where an increase in thickness is not needed, making it ideal for gap filling applications.

Some traditional gap filling applications where TECNOFIRE® is used include:

  • Pipe wraps and collars
  • Door edge seals
  • Glazing seals
  • Joint seals for building panel systems
  • Grilles and vents
  • Ironmongery protection

There is a wide range of Tecnofire grades available and the optimum material can be selected based on the expansion level (4:1 up to 35:1), flexibility, thickness (0.5 – 5 mm), colour and performance required.


Tecnofire has passed a wide range of fire tests when incorporated into a final structure. Most recently it achieved a Flame Spread Index (FSI) value of 0 and a Smoke Developed Index (SDI) of 30 or less, in the ASTM E84-11a test, which is a standard test for evaluating the surface flame spread and smoke development characteristics of building materials. The test results mean that the materials have achieved a CLASS A rating in E84, qualifying them for use in Walls & Ceilings and Plenums.


As well as our standard Tecnofire range we also offer enhanced durability grades which have been infused with epoxy resin and exhibit a high expansion ratio of up to 22:1. Materials are available in a rigid or flexible format and are particularly suited to use in traditional gap filling applications.  TECNOFIRE® E22M+R Mat and Board are extensively used in the construction of 30, 60 & 90 minute fire rated doors. These materials have been Intertek certified (UL10C & NFPA 252) and awarded the Warnock Hersey Mark as part of a fire door assembly.



As well as manufacturing the materials TFP offers various converting capabilities including in-house lamination and powder scatter, as well as supply of material as rolls, sheets or custom cut shapes.

These provide further ways to add value to TECNOFIRE®, such as:

  • Lamination - Several TECNOFIRE® sheets can be combined with other materials to create multifunctional hybrid structures.
  • Surface Sealing or Coating - TECNOFIRE® can be supplied with either one or two sides surface sealed or powder coated.
  • Application of Self Adhesive Backing (SAB) - The TECNOFIRE® range is compatible with a number of commercially available pressure sensitive adhesives. TFP supply both rolls and sheets complete with SAB, examples include E10M+S Mat & E22M+RS Mat.
  • Custom Cut Shapes - TFP have the capability to produce custom cut shapes, including gaskets and discs, on demand.

TECNOFIRE®, like OPTIVEIL® & OPTIMAT®, can be optimised to meet specific performance requirements and TFP have worked in partnership with many customers to develop tailor-made solutions. Please contact us to find out more about our capability and new material developments.

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