Although TFP is best known for its advanced nonwovens, our capability extends beyond this to complementary technologies. A key example of this is our subsidiary Electro Fiber Technologies LLC (EFT) which is based in Schenectady NY and home to 3 commercial fibre coating lines, development facilities and a team of experienced material scientists.

EFT enables us to offer the unique capability to tune material properties at a fibre level, utilising both batch and continuous electroless plating technologies as well as continuous electrolytic plating. These techniques provide both superior metal-carbon bond adhesion and ensure that every fibre is consistently plated in terms of coverage and coat weight. This is no mean feat when one considers that the typical carbon tow used contains 12,000 individual filaments!

Our plating expertise enables metal coating type and deposition weight to be fine-tuned to meet targeted fibre properties. In particular, this enables a unique level of control over critical properties such as the level of electrical conductivity or EMI shielding effectiveness. These properties can be tailored so that the fibres will meet specific performance requirements either in tow form or when converted into a nonwoven. The parameters modified to achieve this include:

  • Metal coating types - a wide variety of metal options inclusive of Nickel, Copper, precious metals and alloys such as Ni/Fe, Cu/Sn and brass
  • Coating deposition weight - metal coatings from 10% up to 65% of the finished product weight can be achieved
  • Multiple coatings - single, dual and tri-layer coatings are possible


  • Hybrid fibre with the properties & strength of carbon combined with the electrical conductivity of metal at a lower weight.
  • Unique level of control over conductivity and shielding properties of fibre.
  • Supplied as continuous tow or chopped fibre. Ideal for manufacturing nonwovens, weaves, braided fabrics or as conductive fillers in molding plastics.
  • Copper coating, which is second only to silver in terms of conductivity.

EFT is also home to an NIOSH/OSHA compliant commercial nanocoating line, as well as the recently added capability to metallise carbon particulates and powders.

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