Frequently asked questions about the renaming of ‘Technical Fibre Products’ & ‘TFP Hydrogen Products’ as James Cropper

Why have you re-branded?

The renewed brand strategy positions the Group along an exciting spectrum from heritage to cutting edge and leverages the brand value of the James Cropper name across all our markets and geographies. Our rebrand is the result of ongoing efforts to integrate our wholly-owned subsidiaries into one global company, to better serve our customers. You can learn more about this change at (https:/

What’s the timeline for this change?

We have always been part of the James Cropper plc and today, we will start the journey to transition to one company, led by the business name of James Cropper. Over the remainder of the year we will support this change with a full rebranding effort. If you have any questions in the meantime, please contact us at:

Has the ownership structure of TFP & TFP Hydrogen changed?

In 1986, James Cropper was the first paper mill in the world to explore the possibility of using non-cellulose fibre in the paper machines. This led to the formation of Technical Fibres Products. Fast-forward to today, we will start the transition to re-group as one company, led by the business name of James Cropper. Over the next year we will support this change with a full rebranding effort.

Is there anything I need to do as a result of this change?

There will be no change to our legal identities, meaning that all contracts, current invoicing processes will remain in place. Our no change agreements will remain unaffected by this branding change. 

Does the change to the new company name mean the company’s legal form has also changed?

No. The legal forms of Technical Fibre Products Ltd and TFP Hydrogen Products Ltd companies remain unchanged.

Does the rebranding have any impact on existing agreements or contracts?

No. All contracts concluded under the former company name of Technical Fibre Products and TFP Hydrogen Products will remain unchanged.

Are documents that were issued prior to the renaming still being accepted?

Yes. All documents issued under the former company name of Technical Fibre Products and TFP Hydrogen Products will continue to be accepted.

What needs to be taken into account with regard to invoicing?

Our current invoicing processes will remain in place. No changes will be required.

Does the new name mean new bank details?

No, the bank details remain unchanged. This is also the case for the international subsidiaries of the James Cropper Group.

Does the new name mean a new VAT ID number or a new commercial register number?

No, neither the VAT ID number nor the commercial register number have changed.

Has my point of contact changed?

No. You will continue to be supported by the same contacts.

Will this rebrand change day-to-day business transactions?

Our rebrand will not change the way we do business with you. Your local Customer Support and Sales teams will be happy to assist you with any questions you may have.

Will this impact your product and service offerings?

No. We will continue to provide the same high quality, wide range of products and services. Over time, we will be rebranding them to reflect our new corporate identity.

Is this a global change?

Yes. Across James Cropper, we will be reorganising ourselves from the divisions (Technical Fibres Products, TFP Hydrogen, Colourform and Paper) into one company, led by the business name of James Cropper.

Where can I send any follow-up questions I might have?

For branding questions, please write to: For all other enquiries, please reach out to your regular James Cropper contact.