We are the experts in developing innovative nonwovens to meet specific performance, processing or aesthetic requirements. We recognise that in many cases a standard nonwoven will not suffice; potentially causing frustrating processing issues or failing to deliver the required performance. As a result, we work closely with our customers to understand their needs and develop a suitable material solution.

TFP has an open and enabling approach to new product development, offering a comprehensive process that encompasses everything from initial concept development in the lab, to material testing, scale up on our pilot line facility and progression to full scale manufacture. All of which is led by our experienced team of materials scientists and operatives.


  • Extensive material design options to optimise performance and processing
  • Direct dialogue with experienced Technical Team
  • Smaller scale pilot machine dedicated to new product development
  • Development taken from laboratory concept to full scale manufacture
  • Secondary process options such as nanocoating and lamination to add further value


A key advantage to developing a new product with TFP is the wealth of options we offer. The flexibility of our manufacturing process enables us to process an extensive range of fibres at a wide range of areal weights (2 – 400 g/m²). While we typically work with carbon, glass, aramid, thermoplastic, quartz & metal coated fibres; we are not limited to these and always welcome the challenge of other fibre types. We can also achieve precise fibre blends for applications where antistatic properties or a controlled resistivity is required. Our technology even enables us to add particulates to the nonwoven to impart additional functionality, such as improved conductivity.

Our capability is not just limited to customising performance through attributes such as fibre type, blends and particulates though. We can also enable processing compatibility through appropriate binder selection and even use nano-coating or lamination to generate hybrid materials, which add function or simplify part fabrication. To enable ease of processing further we can also supply materials to customer specified dimensions as rolls, sheets or even custom cut shapes.

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