Battery Materials

TFP has developed a range of materials specifically designed for use in both established and emerging power generation & storage systems. The typical applications for these include battery separators and electrodes for fuel cells. Our nonwovens have been used in a number of battery types including lead acid and lithium, where they have been designed to deliver the optimum cost performance relationship.


Our range of chemically resistant glass products, including E, C & ECR glass, have been designed to meet the requirements of lead acid battery systems. These materials are suitable for use as separators, slip sheets, pasting papers and glass retainer mats and, like all our nonwovens, their design & properties can be tailored to meet individual needs.


A range of separator products suitable for use in Lithium batteries is also available. These materials are based on glass fibre, but can incorporate other fibres such as quartz, alumina and high performance organic fibres to achieve the required performance characteristics.

Our subsidiary TFP Hydrogen Products also offers materials specifically designed for use in batteries. These include a high purity electrolyte and cathode materials, including for Li-ion batteries. More information can be found at


close up of corrosion resistant material

Corrosion Resistance

Nonwovens which provide chemical resistance and prevent galvanic corrosion.

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