Combining properties to improve composite fabrication with functionality such as EMI shielding and conductivity, TFP's nonwovens provide multi-functional solutions for electronic applications.

Our OPTIVEIL® and OPTIMAT® materials are available in areal weights from as low as 2 g/m² and can provide lightweight solutions for a variety of challenges faced by electronics engineers. These include shielding of enclosures from electromagnetic interference (EMI), acting as conductive tapes and delivering the electrical conductivity necessary for connectors. Our conductive nonwovens provide high levels of EMI shielding, which can be tuned to meet the required attenuation values at certain specified frequencies. This technology can be used as it comes or incorporated into a composite and offers a competitive, light-weight & thermally stable alternative to traditional shielding options.

As well as imparting functionality to a component OPTIVEIL® is also an ideal candidate for improving the aesthetics of composite housing for electronics. TFP’s surfacing veils have an exceptionally even fibre distribution; this improves resin uptake and ultimately provides a high quality, resin rich surface finish, minimising print through and potentially reducing any further processing required.


Find out more about the solotions our nonwovens provide for consumer electronics:

close up of electrical conductive material

Electrical Conductivity

Nonwovens which offer tuneable electrical conductivity for a wide range of applications.

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EMI Shielding

An effective, lightweight & practical solution for imparting EMI shielding functionality to composites.

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Surface Finish

OPTIVEIL® nonwovens provide a high quality, resin rich surface finish to a composite.

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