collage of materials

Composite Materials

We make nonwovens that have been advancing composites for over 3 decades.

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Introducing our new range of sustainable nonwovens.

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Fuel Cell GDL

Over 30 years experience in developing and optimising GDL materials for a wide range of fuel cells.

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Fire Protection

Expanding your options in fire protection...our TECNOFIRE® range offers fire protection with exceptional performance.

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Producing mats and papers from a range of the world's most advanced insulating materials, providing solutions for both high temperature and cryogenic applications.

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Metal Coated Fibres

Our in-house metal coating capability offers the potential to coat individual fibres and particulates with a host of single and multi-layer metals and alloys.

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Resistive Heating

The tunaeble resistance of our conductive nonwovens makes them ideal for resistive heating applications.

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