Technical Fibre Products (TFP) is delighted to participate in National Composites Week 2023 (NCW) as we celebrate composites and the critical role they play in all of our day-to-day lives. 

This year’s theme is ‘Composites Are Now.’ True to this phrase, the industry is quickly evolving, always looking (and moving) forward. The capability to lightweight components and structures, provide optimal mechanical properties and enhanced longevity and a host of other benefits make the use of composites central to the challenges we currently face as a society – sustainability and reduced carbon emissions being a couple of prime examples.  

To celebrate NCW 2023 we were delighted to welcome our colleagues from our parent company James Cropper and the James Cropper Creative and Luxury Papers division to an Open Morning at our TFP site in Burneside, raising the awareness of critical role composites play in all of our lives and highlighting the multiple ways in which TFP's Advanced Nonwovens enhance the performance of composite materials. Our guests were also invited to join a tour of our newest manufacturing line, which opened in 2021, followed by a Composites Q&A session with experts from our sales, operations and technology teams.

Innovating today for a better tomorrow 

TFP’s advanced materials provide solutions for challenging applications in aerospace, defence, fuel cells, automotive, advanced air mobility and wind energy. We pride ourselves on the performance and quality of our nonwovens and specialise in developing & adapting them to meet the specific performance, process, and aesthetic requirements of our individual customers. 

Tom Sharrock, TFP Head of Sales, said: 

‘TFP’s materials have pushed the boundaries of what is possible within composite materials for more than 40 years. Our constant curiosity and innovation has led us to develop new and useful advanced materials that address key composite challenges for markets including aerospace, automotive and renewable energy, to name but a few.’   



Materials with purpose 

As the composites industry moves forward, the focus on environmental sustainability remains at the forefront.  TFP’s Advanced Nonwovens support this shift and provide trusted solutions to multiple applications, including renewable energy, mobility, carbon capture and more, all of which support the Global drive to ‘Net Zero’ carbon emissions, and ultimately enable a cleaner, greener future for generations to come.  


Our nonwovens are used extensively in both primary and secondary aero-structures and as a result, are present on the majority of commercial aircraft in operation today. Our materials are accredited to Aerospace Standard: AS9100, giving our customers the reassurance, that high quality is paramount.  

Typical uses include acting as a carrier substrate for adhesives or fragile materials, providing a superior surface finish, imparting functionality such as EMI shielding and electrical conductivity, as well as enhancing fracture toughness or resin flow. 

As the industry strives for more environmentally friendly, sustainable choices and moves away from traditional materials to eliminate unnecessary weight and achieve better fuel efficiency, ultimately reducing harmful emissions and supporting the drive to net zero. TFP’s specifically designed lightweight nonwovens, from just 2gsm, deliver composite performance, compatibility and meet aesthetic requirements; supporting and facilitating the drive for reduced emissions, without compromising on material strength or performance.  

Learn more about TFP’s nonwoven solutions for Aerospace: Aerospace Sector - Technical Fibre Products (

TFP Advanced Nonwovens for Automotive 

Composites offer many structural and weight advantages over traditional steel and injection moulded automotive parts. 

Beyond lightweighting, switching to composite battery enclosures can also enable a host of other benefits such as more complex geometries, better impact performance, corrosion resistance, faster assembly, greater durability and — with specific formulations — better flame resistance/fire containment.

One of the latest applications for TFP’s nonwovens within the automotive industry is in Battery Electric Vehicles (BEVs).  TFP’s lightweight veils facilitate the move from the use of metal to composite in battery enclosures, a move that is necessary to achieve the larger, protective structures required whilst still ensuring they are lightweight, in the drive to reduce emissions.  

Learn more about TFP’s nonwoven solutions for Automotive: Automotive Sector - Technical Fibre Products (

TFP Advanced Nonwovens for Wind Energy 

The use of TFP’s nonwovens is well established in wind turbines, with applications ranging from the surface finish of blades to improving the interlaminar toughness and providing EMI shielding to nacelles.

The size of the wind turbines has increased significantly over the years, putting greater emphasis on minimising the weight of the structures whilst maintaining strength and maximising service time. 

Learn more about TFP’s nonwoven solutions for Wind Energy: Wind Energy Sector - Technical Fibre Products ( 

TFP Sustainable Nonwovens 

ECOVEIL is TFP’s latest range of customisable, highly porous sustainable nonwoven veils which are produced from naturally derived or recycled fibres. The range includes nonwovens produced from jute, recycled carbon, bio-derived polyamide and a modified cellulose acetate which is readily biodegradable. These materials have been specifically developed for use in advanced composite structures to improve the finish, fabrication or functionality of a component, simultaneously providing the means to demonstrate environmental responsibility without compromising on performance. 

Our Recycled Carbon nonwovens offer comparable properties to those manufactured with virgin fibre and can be seamlessly integrated into composite structures as a surfacing or semi-structural layer - providing composite manufacturers with the means to demonstrate environmental responsibility without compromising on performance. 

Learn more about TFP's Sustainable nonwovens: Ecoveil - Technical Fibre Products (


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